Use Case


A state run event management company involved in organizing one of the world’s biggest exhibition & carnivals at Dubai was in need of a simple mobile based rental management system to handle the renting of equipment like wheel chairs, shopping & baby carts to the visitors. The visitors would be moving in & out of any of the 4 gates with the average number of visitors handled being around a million.

The Need for the Solutions

The Carnival which is organised annually for a period of around 6 months attracts more than 5 million visitors ever year. The organisers provide equipment rental services for renting out the equipment like wheelchairs, shopping carts, prams, etc. There are four entry/exit points from where the rentals can returns can happen. Also the request for the equipment can also happen from kiosks placed inside the show area. Hence a cloud/central management system is needed for the same.

The Solution

The equipment rental and the POS system was built on Android platform and the handheld POS systems were used in the counters at the gates. The kiosks were also android based with secured payment gateway integration for the visitors to place their orders from inside . In such cases the nearest counter is alerted for the kiosk order and the supply is then made to the customer. The customer can rent and handover the equipment at any of the gates. Live reports of the same were directed vide a cloud dashboard to the organizers to keep track of the proceedings, and to ensure the even supply of the rental equipment at all the gates.

De tour ...

Here are some operational screens from the application.

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