Use Case

A smart Data Analytics tool for MULTI/chain stores

The Lite Reporter is a data analytics tool that was developed to complement our products Easy RESTO & Easy MASTER by consolidating the data from the business and thus provide all the critical business monitoring information to the management in real time. This tool is also designed to handle the data from multiple branches/outlets that are to be centrally monitored and controlled

The Need for the Solutions

In any business the need for the sales and other important control data is always of highest priority. This becomes more important and complex when the business is wide spread as in the case of multi stores/branch businesses. Thus the need for consolidating the data from multiple outlets in real time is critical and essential for the business in order to track and take effective control measures on time.

The Solution

The local outlets work with a local database on either an Android POS or a Windows POS system. These sales data are consolidated into the cloud through a back end data sync process. The sales data from each of the outlet are used for granular reporting of its daily operations and also are consolidated and compared with the other branch data and overall data to provide the performance analytics.. Reports are presented in both graphical and data views and are displayed based on the login branch level and report level credentials. Data transmission uses the encrypt & decrypt standards as per the statutory norms in order to ensure the security of the data.

De tour ...

Here are some operational screens from the application:

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