Use Case


A fast growing coffee joint from South India with more that 70 branches wanted a simple & cost effective centralised control system to manage the Sales & Stock movements across their outlets. The need was for the head office to control all procurements and payments with the branches doing very minimal of non sales operations.

The Need for the Solutions

As the business volumes started to grow is a faster pace, the customer started facing control and process issues and this started to have a clear impact on the operating costs and profits. Being a food joint the work force was mostly unskilled or semi skilled and hence the added criteria was to have a simple easy to use system. Here are some of the key issues that were to be addressed.

The Solution

Simple, Independent Android /Windows POS systems with simple options for billing and stock indenting were provided for the branches. The branch systems were designed for with easy operation capabilities with regional language options. All branches connected to HO through azure cloud database with bidirectional data sync with branches. Centralized Purchase and stock management facility was made for the core Raw materials and Localized Purchase options for traded Items at branches. It was ensured that only minimal branch operations were allowed for Stock management. Also basic Attendance Management facility was also built for Branches.

De tour ...

Here are some operational screens from the application.

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