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"Breaking the thinking and imagination barrier in real world" 
We have revolutionised the way how we fellow humans handle and work with real time problems, issues and jobs. We have leveraged Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to simulate the models and the process that do not exist in the current environment. We foresee the practical difficulties and conceptualise workable virtual models and process in an unimaginable world of practical experience.

The Need for the Solutions

Hailing as the next big step in computing, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality are gaining at a very rapid pace compared to previous years, especially after the VR-Headsets becoming easily accessible and affordable for the society. AR/VR solutions are the need for the day in cases where real models are expensive and the environments for training are hostile. AR/VR models help to visualize and build systems that simulate the real world and help to train at very reduce costs and at ones own pace.

The Domains where we worked…

Engineering Applications : With high quality 3D models any interactive engineering applications can be recreated and trained.

Educational Application: Interactive practical learning material for students, helps them to learn and explore new things, at their own pace.

Architectural Application: A very dynamic, interactive walkthrough applications are developed for the architectural industry to help their customers to visualization their project in real scale.

De tour ...

Here are some operational screens from the application.

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