Some interesting facts about our Product Development


Today's product development is most demanding and often changing to the metrics of the consumers. The products today run across desktops, mobile phones, Tablet PC on multiple platforms. Products on such factors today serves users with distinct needs and user experiences that would be having data capture, multimedia and combined with key business analytics. Hence these products and Applications today demand a compelling use of various architectures when defining and building them into a robust and easy to handle solutions when delivering to the client's.

Product Development Services Overview

Easy Design Systems with its profound expertise has designed, built and delivered product solutions in selecting usability Platform (Operating System), User Interface, Middleware, Service Layer and Data Storages architecture to very cost effective and scalable models. We have experts to understand the domain and technical expertise to craft your product that delights the end user. We have a proven process and delivery practice to ensure the product life cycle is executed with care successfully ensuring high quality. Our development expertise and approach can help in understanding and visualizing the product with good prototypes that can make the design to be versatile and agile to retain scope for changes. We have product development capability in the following areas...


We have sound expertise in building Mobility based products right from the stage of understanding your domain needs , designing the architecture, developing the framework, building the solution and testing the solutions. We also have good implementation and support teams to hand hold you and take forward during the product tests and soft launches.

Portable Computing

We have good experience in handling product development on portable computing platforms that constitute the Laptop, tablets and custom devices. We have experts who can take your thoughts forward in defining and building scalable solutions to meet your customer’s demands. We have substantial knowledge on emerging platforms like Windows 8 / IOS 6 platforms and Cloud Solutions to integrate quickly.

Enterprise Web Applications and Desktop Applications

We have profound expertise in designing and building Enterprise solutions meeting the end-to-end needs of the client. We have a team of domain experts who could build extensive functional scope , architects who could design the application architecture, development experts who can define the framework for the product development and sound testing expertise to ensure high quality delivery.