Some interesting facts about our Mobility Services


With more than 400 Million users adding to Mobile Smart Phones market in 2011 that is shared 75% by IOS and Android , 5% by Microsoft and 20% by others has paved a new market for building a new mobile application eco system and the application development...This further fuels by about 200 Million additions on Tablet PC’s... The mobility is being seriously reviewed and adopted by the corporate scions as a vital driving force in taking some business decisions that would accelerate the growth.

Mobility Solutions Service Overview

We have delivered some key mobility solutions on key mobile platforms to specific client needs and to social network adaptive products. We are also building some distinct solutions combining multimedia capabilities with data on IOS and Android Platforms. We have designed , developed and been supporting Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Sales and Dispatch Logistics for a market leader in pump manufacturing. We are gearing in delivering some prime social network based applications into usage on IOS 6 which features audio application on Cloud and uses audio transfer through memory database. We are also into delivering a few training products on Microsoft Windows 8 Metro Apps platform shortly. We have been focusing strongly on Mobility solutions under the following area’s…

Graphics and Multimedia Application

We have good competency in delivering graphics and Multimedia Applications in Android / IOS / Windows 8 platforms. We have created a letter writing / scribing application in Windows 8 which is due to be launched on Windows Metro App markets.

Wireless Applications

Wireless mobility applications find a vital importance in local area solutions and catalyze the operational easiness and efficiency. We have created a data aware wireless application that works on SOA layer for a restaurant KOT system and billing. The solution has sped up the ordering system and increasing the efficiency of the stewards and achieving a quick TCO and lower operational costs.

Enterprise Integration Mobility Solutions

We have proficiency in creating and managing Enterprise Integration applications to meet the demands of production, logistics and sales domain. These applications would leverage the mobility device features and help in increasing the efficiency of the operations and process.

Social Networking Integration Apps

Social networking has become more popular these days and has become pivotal in building relationships with larger public mass through contacts. Integrating mobile applications with social networking leverages the authentication, usability nature and contacts management easier. We have been developing mobile apps that have been integrated with the social networking solutions.