Some interesting facts about our IT SOLUTIONS


In today’s business world or scenario a key challenge is “thriving to grow” in the midst of rapid changes in industry structure, market demands, corporate risks and changing government policies on economy. A Client who is, or his Business that is “thriving to grow”, has to run together the business process, and manage its analytics along with another bottleneck, the “IT Infrastructure “. “IT Infrastructure “ service management has today taken a major leap in the recent years in handling the service’s more on a value perspective to business rather than a maintenance service by focusing on cost effective delivery models in a more efficient way. The values and efficiency delivered today translates to very imperative questions in getting the best of the infrastructure available, scaling or revamping the infrastructure quickly to meet the sudden surge or fall in demands of the client’s market needs and handling automation in managing it more cost effectively and less dependent resource usage.

Infrastructure Service Overview

We Easy Design Systems along with our partner YS Infotech handle core IT service upon which the entire organizations IT systems run, be it a mission critical 24x7 ERP application, high available Sales and Service tools or customer and partners sitting across the globe and accessing it in real time or it could be employees accessing their mail late in the night at the comforts of their home or chasing an urgent sales order quotation on the move. Whatever may be the use and it’s underlying computing need and network connectivity - it is the essential core IT service and challenge is to architect the IT infrastructure, deploy and manage the delivery with 24x7 operation