Some interesting facts about our Cloud Services


Cloud Services have become a fast growing technology trend in recent years. It has been making revolutionizing IT and has been completely changing the way , a traditional software has been working for business. The cloud services are being offered more on a dynamic technology model, paving the way away from how the licenses were coupled with the servers earlier. Cloud services scales the investment value by streamlining the software, business processes and services are accessed through lower costs , efficient business models or ensuring greater flexibility in operations making business to focus on innovations using their IT rather to focus in running them. Cloud services today offer a hybrid services by allowing the combination of local computing and cloud services to interact with other external computing sources leveraging the investment to be rationalized and facilitate a gradual migration over the time. Cloud services are also getting optimized for mobile devices and portable computing platforms by abstracting the conversion layer at cloud level making delivery as apivotal point.

Cloud Service Overview

We are in the process of delivering some key solutions on the cloud computing that harnesses the capability of the cloud service layer, cloud database , cache and memory databases in the cloud and with cloud storage. We have also been extensively testing and adopting the Media services in the cloud to enable delivery of the content to multiple media types that would cater to the needs of various portable computing devices. We have also put considerable expertise in bringing in software development applications and tools into cloud services making the development process more manageable and efficient. We have been focusing on the key cloud service areas like...

Data aware Applications

Data aware applications constitute major advantage in porting existing line of business applications to the cloud. The cost and optimization of the right amount of computing needs from the cloud enables investment made in porting the applications a key winning point in having the cloud application. As the market demand grows from the end users application resources Scalability and extensibility would be very much easier making it truly less dependent and a low cost of TCO.

Media Applications

Demand on Media Applications are growing and the way demand grows from end users , managing the process , efficient delivery and scalability becomes a bottleneck. Today cloud offers entire media service offering design, build, secure, deliver and managing capability at a very low cost of ownership.

Hybrid Collaborative Applications

Existing applications that run in the current client eco system needs to be leveraged when migrating to cloud computing to bring down the cost of ownership gradually as the time goes. Cloud services offer hybrid network app fabric to build a secured common collaborative eco systems that could use the local systems and other sub systems tied up with the network app fabric.